When is Intro to Clinical Practice?

The course runs from June 26 to July 6. Yes, July 7th is OFF. The course begins at 9:30am in Theatre 4 on June 26.

Why is every session mandatory?

Every session is mandatory, because there is no final exam. In lieu of a final exam, 100% attendance is required to complete the course. The only exception is excused absences approved by UME. Make-up assignments will be done for excused absences.

What is the course completion criteria?

  • 100% Attendance (exception: absences approved by UME, where make-up assignments must be completed)
  • Hand Hygiene Certificate (done live during the June 30th hand hygiene / PPE session)
  • Medication Reconciliation Certificate (due in hardcopy to UME office before 1pm July 4th)
  • Reflective Practice Written Assignment (done live during the July 6th Reflective Practice session)

What do I need to do to prepare for my sessions?

Many sessions have been transformed to “workshop” style, where there is a mix of didactic teaching and hands-on learning, so you will learn and practice everything live. The only three sessions that have preparation are “Electronic Tools for Patient Care”, “Intro To Code Blue”, and “Skills Fair: Needles and Syringes”. Information about all sessions and associated resources are located under the “Sessions” tab on the main intro.ucalgaryblogs.ca website.

Where can I find the resources for my sessions?

Please view information about the individual sessions under the “Sessions” tab on the main intro.ucalgaryblogs.ca website. Alternatively, materials will also be posted on OSLER.

Where and when can I get access to the preceptor notes?

After the course is complete, you will have access to the preceptors notes through this link. The password will be given out then.

Why does does ITCB Group D only come for 2 hours on one day and then have nothing else scheduled?

There were many iterations of the course schedule, and this was the overall best draft, given the limitations of course-building where certain elements must be placed in certain times due to logistics. In particular, we want you to enjoy ITCB prior to your theatre-based simulation sessions. Group D, enjoy the rest of the day mingling with your peers, and catch up on other work at the Health Sciences Centre!

Why are there no primers to neuro, obsgyne, peds, and psych, etc. to help me for my pre-clerkship rotations?

There are already dedicated courses and curricular time in the medical school (i.e. Course 5, Course 6, and Course 7) to teach this material. The purpose of Intro to Clinical Practice is to provide learners with foundational, practical knowledge and skills to help medical students be effective junior clinicians from two key perspectives—patient safety and their own safety. It is the responsibility of students to do additional self-learning in topics of further interest to them.