Intro To Code Blue (ITCB)

“Code Blue, main entrance. Code Blue, main entrance”. You run to the main entrance to help out. What do you do next? Find out and practice in a safe, low-fidelity, simulation environment during the “Intro to Code Blue” (ITCB) workshop!

Information on ITCB is found on the ITCB learner website. The “Learner Manual” will contain all the information you need to prepare. In brief, the workshop is 2-hours. For the first 30-minutes, you will receive a mini-lecture from a resident or staff. The next 1.5 hours you will conduct 4 back-to-back low-fidelity simulations. These will allow you to practice CPR in real-time. These are coached simulations, so feel free to take time-outs to ask questions. Previous students have enjoyed this workshop format, as it strips away other distractions found in high-fidelity simulations and allows them to focus on a systematic approach first.

To maximize your ITCB Experience, and to consolidate knowledge through repetition, you are encouraged to do the following: