Amazing and fun prizes are up for the winning in ICP! Thank you to our prize sponsors for contributing to the course.

Ways to win for students:

  1. Electronic Tools for Patient Care: Win a prize (TBA, ?escape game pass) for scoring in the Top 3 in our “Fast Finder” game!
  2. Fluids: Win a prize (TBA, ?maple water) for scoring in the Top 3 in the Fluids Quiz!
  3. Tips and Tricks / ICP Finale: During the last lecture of the course, there will be a draw to win prizes! To enter, submit a tip or trick that you learned during the course from your preceptors to avseto@gmail.com. To have a second entry, submit a photo/video from the course (make sure you have permission from the people in it).



Discover Canada’s most exciting river sport in downtown Calgary. Outlier will provide you with all surf gear required, a 15 minute on-land introduction, and a 1 hour in-river surf lesson. Regular lesson price is $65.
For more info check out Outliersurf.com.

Prize Donation: 2 x “Intro to Riversurfing Lessons”










Prize Donation: 2 x Pair of Passes