Tips and Tricks

In the ICP Course Finale, we will be covering “Tips and Tricks”. These pearls were collected by asking senior med students, residents, and staff. Also, any “tips and tricks” that you picked up during the ICP course will be included in this final session.

We will be doing a draw for prizes during this finale session! These are the prize packages:

Here is how to enter into the draw:

  • To receive an entry into the draw, submit a “Tip or Trick” you learned during ICP (submit to before July 5th at 5pm).
  • To an additional entry into the draw, submit a photo or video you took during ICP (submit to before July 5th at 5pm).

The categories of “Tips and Tricks” are as follows:

  • Studying and Learning
  • Communication
  • Medical Pearls
  • Clinical Performance
  • Well-Being

Thank you Cognito Escape GamesBreakout Calgary, and Outlier River Surf for contributing exciting prizes!















Outlier River Surf: 
“Outlier River Surf will play a pivotal role in helping shape the inland surf culture as a fun, friendly, and inclusive sport.  Building community, and making gear accessible are our top priorities.
We are native Albertans who didn’t know that our chosen sport of surfing was so happily available in our own backyard. We found our year round activity, and we are having fun helping building the community that will see Calgary become a global mecca for inland surfers. By making River Surfing accessible, we are offering rentals, lessons, and surf equipment.